Rental Equipment

All that you need.

Rental video and photographic equipment to cover every kind of request in studio or in location.

  • Digital camera and accessories
  • Desktop computer or laptop.
  • Light for studio shooting or battery flash  Profoto, Elinchrom Broncolor
  •  HMI, neon, led Harri, Kino flo
  • Accessories for flash , umbrella, soft box, octabank etc
  • Various kind of stands
  • Paper background
  • Reflector and/or poliboard
  • Make up van
  • Camera car and trolleys
  • Dolly


Do you need professional help ? Big agenda where to find the best profile you need.

Photographer assistants, Digital tech, Video maker,  Runner, Stylist, Props manager, Modells, Set designers, Make up artists, Post-production, Etc.


Production and Organization

Total Service.

For a shooting, video or event, we follow every step , technical but also logistic. We suggest you some hotel where to stay, for you and for your guest, their host and all their transfer . In case of celebrities with luxury cars or in case of all the troupe with van. We take care of your working time, lunches and dinners, flights and also. If you want we can keep busy also during free time!

You have to take care only of your creativity because the rest is for us!!

Location scout

The best location in Rome and in Italy.

Hotels and Resort // Private city apartment with panorama view // Modern Villas // Classical Villas // Farm houses // Bars, Theaters and Restaurant //Sea and Beaches // Countries, Cities and Panoramic Roads // Historic Monuments