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We can arrange  every kind of casting for video use or for photo shooting, working with the best model agencies in Rome or in Milan.

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Rental photo equipment

FOR PRODUCTION can provide any kind of equipment you decide to use for your shooting and deliver it exactly where and when you want. Thanks to our agreement  with major  suppliers company in Rome  we can arrange all the rental equipment you request without any additional expenses.

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How to organize a photoshooting ?

FOR PRODUCTION works in Italy and especially in Rome from more than ten years. We can help the client with all the  experience necessary to realize a successfully  shooting. We work for years with leading professionals in Italy, make up, hair styling, stylist, assistants, prop, digital tech, post-production, etc.. and…

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Where to shoot in Rome?

Shooting in Rome will become easier  with FOR PRODUCTION. We will support you from scouting location  to rental the equipment that you need, and assistants, and producer that will obtain permits to shoot “on the road”

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