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Shoot in Rome

For your photoshooting Rome is a beautiful open air set and it’s very difficult to decide where to shoot. Here follow a  part of a research on Roma’s fountains.                 

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We are always looking for new spaces where you can set your photography, commercial videos, events and meetings.

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We have our own location’s files built during years of shooting. Houses, villas, bar and restaurants, schools, streets, gardens and panoramic view in Rome or in the whole Italy available not  only for photographic shooting, but also for video or for every kind of event. But if you need  something…

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Vanity Fair shooting! At the end of the shooting we were very happy!! Not only work! Backstage will follow

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Shooting in Italy

Shooting in Italy has never been so easy!!! Our producers can manage all your jobs , advertising, editorial, photographic and video taking care about everything. Equipment, scouting location, crew, permits and not only! All your trips and transfer everywhere you need, from the airport until your departure with pick up…

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